Real estate twilight photo is one of the most attractive timeframes when it comes to photo editing properties. To take advantages of this kind of photo, you should understand more about its amazing benefits. It not only help you build your business and client base, but also add a high-value product to your services. Let’s first check out some of the pros and ruless of twilights for real estate photography. Then we’ll look at the tips show how I edited a recent twilight photo for a property.

What is a Twilight Photo?

A twilight photo usually use in the exterior of the property, at dusk. It is used to showcase landscape/property lighting, pool lighting and features like fire pits, and also to showcase a beautiful sunset. Agents like twilight photos because they “look cool”, and they are different from the regular exterior shot. These warmly images will inspire you a cozy property and give you chances to experience the difference time.

Benefits of a Twilight Photo

  • Show property lighting that a buyer doesn’t see when they are viewing the home in daylight.
  • Create one-of-a-kind cover photos for your real estate listing.
  • Improve your real estate website and portfolio.
  • Allow you to stand out from your competition.
  • Bring clients who are normally interested in higher-end properties.

The Main Rules of Twilight Exterior Real Estate Shots:

  1. Use all interior lights for warmth and interest, as well as landscaping lights and exterior lights if there are any.
  2. Twilight photoshoot requires a separate trip because of the setup and timing, so plan and schedule accordingly.
  3. Always use a tripod.
  4. Shoot raw and adjust the white balance and exposure later in post-processing.
  5. Set a camera to a low ISO to get better color and less noise.
  6. Adding extra light and drama to the dark areas so you can improve your twilight photo.

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