When selling your house it is important to have a professional photographer. Because of the 90% of home shoppers looking online – this is likely the ‘first’ showing. Statistics also show that a staged home makes it easier for a Buyer to visualize the home. Below Qblends will share with you these tips to staging a house to sell quick – even if you are on a staging budget.

Staging a living room tips
  • Go through your house and remove any unnecessary furniture to help open up each room.
  • Pull furniture away from the wall in certain rooms such as the living room to help create more space.
  • Consider replacing dated curtains with newer ones. This will help freshen up the room.
  • When hanging pictures, group smaller, like-kind art together.
  • If you have cords and wires showing from TV’s, receivers, lamps or any other electronics. Consider tucking cord’s away so they are not visible.
Virtual staging living room
  • When staging a home, you likely hear the word de-personalize. One way to do this is to pack away any family portraits you have around the house.
  • A lot of households have magazine racks packed with old editions that never get looked at. Pack them away or recycle them!
  • When looking for ideas to staging a living room, you will notice that walkways don’t usually look bare. Consider adding a long narrow rug to fill in the empty space.
  • When hanging art throughout the house, hang the largest artwork on the largest wall.
  • After removing your old magazines, add a nice coffee table book in its place.
Staging Your Dining Room
  • Remove any extra table leaves and store them away to help make the dining room feel larger.
  • Properly set the dinner table as if you are having guest over for a special occasion.
  • Hang light-colored curtains from floor to ceiling. This will help give the perception of taller ceilings.
  • Clean and open blinds to let in more natural light.
  • For the time being, replace low wattage light bulbs with 100 watt light bulbs to brighten up darker rooms.
Home staging dining room
  • Use more life and color by bringing in different kinds of plants into the house.
  • Add an extra lamp or two to bring in more light in dark areas that are hard to light.
  • Add mirrors for more light and to help give the perception of an open area.
  • Don’t hang art and pictures on every wall. Consider leaving one wall bare.
  • When home staging, hang wall art at eye level.
How to stage a kitchen tips
  • Clean and pack away most of the items that are usually stored on your counters.
  • One old staging tip is to add a bowl of fruit to bring in more color.
  • Staining or painting dated cabinets can be time-consuming but can easily transform a kitchen.
  • After updating your dated cabinets, also consider replacing the old knobs and hardware.
  • Another way to de-personalize when staging a house is to remove all items from the refrigerator.
Virtual staging your kitchen
  • Spice up the kitchen! There are many quick and easy ways to add a new backsplash to add more personality.
  • Consider replacing that old, dated faucet with a brand new faucet.
  • Loud and bold colors can be a quick turn off for homebuyers. Consider repainting any rooms a more neutral color.
  • One easy way to add more natural light is by simply cleaning all windows inside and out.
  • Fix any leaking faucets, contact a local, licensed plumber referred plumbing issues. These are things buyers look for when looking at houses.

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