Virtual Staging for a bedroom is the way you renovate it and make it appealing to homebuyers. So choosing to stage your bedroom, you need to prepare for it carefully to ensure to match your customer’s favorite.

The art of staging your bedroom begins from your photos with suitable angle. This is very important task that can help you to show up all the necessary details of the house. Then stager can help you to add more furniture and make it amazing. By using digital staging photos, your buyers can easily to imagine how your property look like and imagine themself in this space.

Today, Qblends will share with you some necessary tips for your future staging bedroom. We hope that you all can take advantage of staging process for your business growing.

1. Make your bed appealing

Virtual Staging For A Bedroom
Virtual Staging For A Bedroom

As you want to highlight your bedroom, you need to prepare a spacious area where you can put some stuff into it. Such as the bed, some table, wallart or decoration,etc. Because a bed may take a big part of your photos so you need to put it in the center of the photo. This can be the focal point of the bedroom. Along with some accessories, you can use the interior light to make a cozy home atmosphere for it. We want to emphasize that ensure you can create an inviting and relaxing as much as possible. This way, your buyers can easily imagine themself in such lovely space, and actually will not want to leave it.

You can take note these basic guidelines as necessary steps to complete the bedroom staging :

– Iron the comforter or duvet and place it evenly on the bed. To create the feel of softness, you can layer 2
comforters/duvets together
– Place your pillows in the proper order:

+ 2 Euro pillows in the front of the headboard. Make sure they are evenly spaced

+ 2 standard-size pillows next

+ 1 to 3 decorative throw pillows in the front layer

You can choose the trendy colors or style of the pillows to make your own character for the bedroom. Depending on your bedroom and your style, you can create more interesting ideas to make your bed.

2. Brighten window coverings

virtual staging a bedroom
virtual staging a bedroom

Even you can add some effects for your bedroom to make it shine, but don’t forget to take advantage of natural light coming through the window. It is time to decorate your bedroom with some beautiful covering. You can consider to put the suitable one instead of using the outdated colors and styles. This covering can become one of selling point for your bedroom. Window coverings should complement the color palette and style of your bedroom. In order to get the perfect photos for your bedroom, just open the blinds and pull back the sheers. So that you can brighten the room with natural light once the viewers come in.

3. Optimize the lighting

Virtual Staging For A Bedroom
Virtual Staging For A Bedroom

Lighting is an essential part in staging a home in general and staging a bedroom in particular. It plays an important role in showing of the beauty of your bedroom as well as somehow sparkling the room. Making use of natural light from the window can be great. However, if your bedroom is out of luck, add some light fixtures on the wall or place a lamp on the bedside table. They don’t have to match but should be in the same design scheme.

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