Real Estate HDR enhancement is the way editing experts using the professional software like Photoshop tool to adjust the colors and bright to make their photos more stunning. As you may know, taking photos in the nature conditions with the artificient light can cause some problems with the colors, the white balance. This can have some distractions for the photos and it may ruin the photos. So even using HDR brackets, you still need to use the HDR enhancement service as the great way to attract more potential customers for their marketing campaigns.

Qblends is one of leading photo editing team in VIetnam that offer a wide range of editing real estate photos, including HDR enhancement. Since it takes a big part of the property, HDR photos plays an important role in the performance of the listing. So our team aim to make your property shine with stunning but realistic colors and tons, make it compelling to your potential customers. Today, Qblends would like to share with you some tips that you may need when it comes to editing HDR photos for real estate listings.

real estate HDR enhancement
real estate HDR enhancement

Real Estate HDR enhancement service from Qblends

Many realtors and photographers want to do the editing tasks for themself. So they can learn from one of this professional software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Thses are the professional software that can support you to blend these brackets of images together by yourself. But you have to spend much time and effort on the learning and editing these images. If you have a huge of HDR photos for many properties and you are frustrated with it. So outsourcing your HDR enhancement service is the great solution for you.

Qblends will share with you some tips for the post-processing process. It may take time and much effort. By using these tools, you can simply merge these brackets together, adjust the colors and even straighten the horizons easily. Every pictures need some step that can turn them into amazing images. Follow is to see some specific tips for editing HDR real estate photos:

Increase the Contrast Slightly
real estate HDR enhancement
real estate HDR enhancement

In the HDR photography, the high contrast plays an important role in the perform of the HDR photos. So when taking the photos, photographers have to set up the camera to adjust the bright to get the suitable images. By using the professional editors, they can help you to adjust the contrast and make your image look natural and realistic, depending on your room and design. You can also use selective adjustments to emphasize certain areas or elements of your image, such as the architecture, the garden, or the windows.

First of all, you should increase the contrast slightly to solve this problem when editing your HDR real estate photos. Just a simple task like that, all the details of images are brought out in the shadows and highlights. It results in compelling photos.

Saturate the Colors Cautiously
real estate HDR enhancement
Real estate HDR enhancement

The next thing you should consider is the colors of the room. All of us want to showcasing the amazing images with vibrant colors to the potential customers. Then when editing them, you should careful not to go overboard with the saturation. These too saturated images can lead to the unnatural pictures. That’s something we should avoid because it could turn potential buyers off. For professional editing, we aim to increase the saturation gradually until the colors look vivid but still realistic.

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