Real Estate is one of the most fast-moving industry and Real Estate photo editing services play an important role for these developing element. For time saving and efficient, millions of photographers from all around the world are sending their photography work daily to other photo editing companies for the post-production process.

These companies are operated professionally, most of them are large-scale, with many experts in handling Real Estate photos. They are the main unit processing the entire post-production phase. From selecting and editing photos, sending finished orders, even uploading and sending directly to your customers under your brand name. So instead of striving to do everything yourself, post-production processes are now left to specialized departments of the outsourcing companies.
Our Qblends team was born to support real estate photographers in the post production.

Qblends Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Being one of the leading Real Estate Photo Editing Services Provider in Vietnam, Qblends proudly offers the highest quality as well as the most outstanding services to valued customers. Encountering with tight deadlines, busy shooting schedules, and a huge pile of unprocessed stock photos, you might feel overwhelmed and stressful.

With experienced and skillful editors, Qblends will help you out of this problem by our capability of processing a huge amount of images in a very short time with the highest quality.

Photo editing

As for the actual image editing service itself, this can consist of broad adjustments of colours and exposure across a range of images.
The basic processes in photo editing ar:
– Noise reduction
– White balance, contrast, exposure, lens correction, color adjustments.
– Removal of Camera Flashes
– Removal of Minor Reflections
– Resizing, cropping and removing background.
With these simple enhancements, your real estate pictures will be more appealing and stunning than before.


Retouching is a technique that allows you to obtain another enhancement image, with the aim of achieving a better quality images. Photo Retouching means polishing a photograph. While photo editing helps enhance brightness, sharpness or color, photo retouching helps to:
– Remove undesired things from your photograph such as: some fingerprints, unfinished pool or rough walls…
– Add the details into the photos of properties such as trees, glass, snow, fire….
– Convert winter photos into summer photos by removing snow, adding trees, flower…
– Complete the unfinished details of the houses such as painting, holes….

Virtual staging

When faced with a vacant home, virtual staging allows agents to add furniture, rugs, and even paint to photos of a home
By using cut-edge technologies in graphic design, our talented designers are able to add a variety of interior styles into your photos through some mouse clicks. You can also give us your instruction how you want the rooms to be like, then we will do as you required. If you have no idea for decorating it, we will give you advice on how to deal with it.

Virtual dusk

Virtual dusk literally means converting day light photos into night light photos by:
– Adding a beautiful twilight or dusk sky to the images taken in day light.
– Darkening the surroundings
– Turning on the exterior and interior lights to brightening up the home.
Twilight photos look beautiful and motivate buyers to imagine returning to a warm home each night due to the light effect. Moreover, your home can really make potential clients excited about the house’s interior. That is reason why virtual dusk service is a great solution for photographers as well as real estate agents.


Outsourcing Qblends as your post processing services provider, you will receive the following benefits:
– You can save your time with the short turnaround time thank to the benefit of time zone (12- 24 hours)
– The price for real estate photo retouching service is super cheap from 0,5$ – an affordable price for all photographers whilt the quality still remains unchanged.
– Our customer service is available to support you until you are satisfied with our outputs (24/7)
– We offer 10+ photos edited for trial without any fee (editing service only)
– Your private information or data will be kept in secret
– We use the latest image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS6, CoreIDraw to give you the most attractive photos
– We can work with all types of format such as: JPEG, TIFF, CAD, DXG, PSD,… and deliver to you your expected outputs.

Qblends is providing its services for over 10 countries in the world. Once working with Qblends, customers will be satisfied not only with top-world quality outcomes but also with whole-hearted services. For more information, feel free to contact:

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