Virtual Staging photos become one of important factors when it comes to showcasing your new property. So reators and photographers always want to know more information about how to outsource Virtual Staging. Or is it necessary for all the property, about the cost and fixing, etc. As a professionals in real estate editing field, Qblends will share with you some necessary things that you may need before work with it for a long time. We hope that, you can take advantage of it and save more time and effort for the future campaigns.

The role of Virtual Staging for business

When you have a vacant home or a old room that want to be renovate, then Virtual Staging is suitable for you. By using 3D technology with real-life furnishings and décor, it will turn your empty room into a dream house for customers. With a specific design for your new home, we believe that it will help you to give homebuyers idea about the property. That way, you can attract more potential customers and shorten the advertising time.

Why is virtual staging so important?

Outsource Virtual Staging photod
Outsourcing Virtual Staging photos

Many realtors are using Virtual Staging and satisfied with it. And as the research, nearly 90% prospective buyers say that photographs are the most important factor. When they search

for a home online, the first impression is rather important. That’s why more and more realtors want to use the virtual staging photos for their property. And with high-end technology service like Virtually staged photos, you need to work with a professional stager. Because if your photograph does not look realistic, it will ruin your campaign. It means if you showcase a poorly executed virtual staging, which is oddly oriented and filled with unrealistic or misappropriate furnishings. It will result in the distraction of your online viewers. Then they will reject the property and move on to the next.

Why is outsource virtual staging helpful?

Virtual staging is a necessary task when it comes to perform your vacant home to attract more customers. Because realtors want to know more information about the house. Such as the specific dimension, the angles and how to arrange it. And by using Staging technique, buyers can “view” themselves in a detailed space with full furniture and decoration. So it is useful to helps buyers feel at home in a house. It can also give them a sense of the scale of the property. Using outsource virtual staging services can provide buyers the whole view of the house. And it help realtors to cut back on the cost and effort that would be required to invest in setting up real furniture on-site.

Qblends Virtual Staging photos outsource
Qblends Virtual Staging photos outsource

How does Outsource virtual staging work?

Just like other HDR enhancement service, virtual staging services would require high-end technique and professional stager to do it. For that options, you need to give specific request about the design, the atmosphere they want to create and the style they need to decorate. So first of all, stager need to understand their request and plan ahead for it. After receiving the original photos, we will help you to enhance it and make it beautiful space. Then we will choose the suitable furniture from our Virtual Staging library. Next, we will send the demo version for realtors to check and get the feedback. That way, we will help realtors to get the satifation version to showcase the buyers. We will process to create an impressive design scheme. Next, a skilled team of graphic designers will incorporate the designs into photographs so that your online property listing can display an attractive and completely decorated home/office.

Virtual Staging photo outsource services
Virtual Staging photos outsource services

So, contact us to find out more about Qblends virtual staging services.

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