Virtual Staging Rules is a kind of advanced technique that allows realtors to attract more customers. But in order to get sucsess with it, we need to understand its rules. Based on it, you can take advantages of its benefits and avoid the bad thing to make it better.

Virtually Staging a photo is a great way to improve the appearance of the house, especially it is a vancant home. So stager will use the advanced software to adding virtually designed furniture, appliances, and accents. This way, you can get a high-quality image to showcase to your potential customers. Today, Qblends will share with you 5 basic but essential virtual staging rules that you and your virtual stager need to be aware of.

Virtual Staging rules for realtors and stagers

Virtual Staging Rules
Virtual Staging Rules

Understand your client’s style

Before taking your Virtual Staging process for your property, you need to concentrate about the client’s requirements. It is necessary to get the better result, to satisfy all the realtors and homeowers. First of all, you need to ake note what the clients really care about:

  • What style of furniture do they like?
  • Are they particular about the furniture they want in each room?
  • Do you need to send them a virtual furniture catalog and let them pick our furniture in advance OR do they let you have full control as to what looks best?
Virtual Staging Rules
Virtual Staging Rules

By understanding their needs and follow this virtual staging rule, you also can suggest the better idea for realtors. For example, if they need a classic style, you can show up some trendy furniture for them to choose. This way, they would be very happy when working with you.

Match the style of furnishings with the theme of the room

Virtual Staging Rules
Virtual Staging Rules

By using an staging expert for your real estate photos, you can get the best result for both designation and decoration. They understand how to make the room shine with choosing the suitable furniture and accessories about the style and colors, etc. This is the necessary rules of sensible interior design. That means you need to use pieces that go well together with the room.
So stager will use the furniture, decor, appliances, and accent pieces that match the physical space. For example, classic furniture goes well with a more contemporary-style home. But, classic furniture would certainly look out of place in a modern house. So it can go with big floor to ceiling windows, stainless steel appliances, and an open floor plan.

We also provide clients with a Virtual Staging library. In which, you can choose the most suitable one to get the best version for your property. You also can refer the magazines, websites, and photos to get the ideas and discuss with the consultants.

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