Floor plan is a powerful technique for your outstanding realestate properties. In order to let people know clearly about the layout of thebuilding, usually the floor plan is indispensable in a real estate photography.

People desire to see more about your properties, from the overview to the details to commence the project. So seal estate photographs as the first things to bring viewers a clear look about each room. And floor plan will be the second must-have thing help you create specific layouts instantly with details built-in furniture shapes. A magical floor plan picture with all the necessary information such as room names, room colors, room sizes, labels, measurements, will satisfy their need. If you combine real estate photos and floor plan, it will make your marketing strategy more various.


2D Floor Plan

2D floor plans are best for:
Real Estate Listing
Property Marketing
Home Appraisals
Energy Appraisals
Home Design
Interior Design
Home Remodels
Home Renovations
Property Layouts
Office Layouts
Commercial Spaces
Flooring Layouts

A 2D floor plan is a normal “level” drawing that demonstrates the design of a property without a point of view or depth. It shows a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure. It will often show the walls and room layout, plus fixed installations like windows, doors, and stairs as well as furniture. Basing on the demand of customers, 2D floor plan is divided into 2 small types:

Black and White Floor Plan

2D black and white floor plans have a traditional and professional look. These types of floor plans are perfect for interior design proposals, home and energy appraisals, and applications for building and use permits. Include symbols, text and labels to indicate relevant information such as property orientation, area, appliance locations, and more.

Colored floor plans

Colored floor plan is created by adding wall colors, room colors, text color. By doing that, the floor plan will look more eye-catching and life-like.

To be continued with 3D Floor plans…

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