What is HDR Photography?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique that the way we deal with “Dynamic range of real light”. By taking 3-5 exposures of the same scene, it did a great job of getting the most realistic photo for your property listing. It includes a very dark exposure, a standard room exposure, followed by a very bright photo to obtain all the necessary Light and pixel information. Then, you can use software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to blend them together or outsource a real estate HDR blending service to get better final result images.

Because it’s too dark and too bright light in this exposure so sometimes you can have trouble getting the correct colors. Even professional photographers, and professional editors, sometimes they can hardly deal with these dynamic ranges of lights. When you Bracket various exposures for an HDR photo, you will get a blend of multiple white balances. It results in not realistic photos, especially from outside views.
Due to the HDR processing software, which has to make assumptions about where shadows and various exposures lie through the frame. If you’ve ever seen an interior photo with strange shadows or halos around window frames, or shadows on the window frame that looked dirty, then more than likely that was an HDR image.

What is Flambient Photography?

Real Estate Flambient photography
Real Estate Flambient photography

Thanks to its bring out a natural feel of the room and its accurated colors, The Flambient method become one of the most advanced technique in real estate business. It combines ambient shots with flashed-light shots to bring forth a final photo. Professional photographers and agent said it is the best choice when you want to perform your property in more authentic paint colors. Then potential home buyers have many chance to admire the an realistic representation of each room. Adding a flash shot on this flambient photography is an innovation. Flash light have power to controls all the HDR light sources by becoming the dominant light source. It is the significant way to help editors maintains the white balance and subsequent colors. This overcomes a significant shortcoming of HDR photography, where each ambient shot will vary widely, creating somewhat surreal colors in walls, ceilings, and cabinets.

Adding a flashed photo is a necessary step to get the perfect final product. It provides flash light to illuminate the room enough to get the correct colors and avoid harsh glare. After that, editors will use the ambient shot layer that will show the natural balance of light. The perfect combination of these 2 exposure will create what is known as Flambient. But it is the high technique that belong to professional editors and photographers. Each of these sessions usually requires up to 60-90 minutes, just an additional 15-30 minutes extra from HDR sessions; fascinating!

Why is HDR more common than Flambient photography ?

Real Estate Flambient photography
Real Estate Flambient photography
  • HDR photography is a normal kind of real estate business. Photographer and agent choose it because it is easy to capture and save more time and effort. In contrast, flambient is a highly skilled method that is the fastest-growing photography technique in Real Estate today.
  • Not require a professional photographer like flambient photography, HDR shoots can be taken with newbie photographers. Not many complex settings for your camera like flambient.
  • So we do not need to invest more money in training photographers or editors. They are the common type of photography that lots of outsourcing companies have.
  • HDR is also much faster, allowing for concise sessions. While flambient photography is all about capturing the different light sources and how well you can represent them. This type of photography will require more time on-site, so plan the session accordingly.
  • While HDR photo becomes normal in the real estate business, flambient will be the point that helps you stand out from competitors. By using modern techniques and professional photographers, add on put much time and effort, these flambient images will make your homebuyer yelling WOW!!!

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