Staging is the art of preparing and styling a home for sale.

Unlike decorating and interior design, the intent and purpose of home staging is to use “lifestyle” selling techniques in order to allow a potential buyer to be able to envision themselves in a home.

Personal photographs and unique colour schemes should be gone – instead the approach should be one of neutrality in order to ensure your property appeals to the largest amount of potential buyers.

Want some insider tips? Here are some staging secrets.

1. Make your bed appealing

Staging your bed

A bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Therefore, when staging a bedroom, try to make it inviting and relaxing as much as possible so that your buyers will not want to leave that space once they visit it.

Headboard is the first thing you should pay attention to. By making use of headboard, you can turn your bed into a stunning focal point. Regardless of new or DIY headboard, choose a color and style that goes with your bedroom. You can use neutral or single colors or patterns. Just make sure it will appeal to different buyers.

Dressing the bed in linens and coordinating the bedspread, pillows and duvet with the wall colors will also make the room appear larger and fresh.

Here are the basic guidelines for staging a bed

– Iron the comforter or duvet and place it evenly on the bed. To create the feel of softness, you can layer 2
comforters/duvets together
– Place your pillows in the proper order:

+ 2 Euro pillows in the front of the headboard. Make sure they are evenly spaced

+ 2 standard-size pillows next

+ 1 to 3 decorative throw pillows in the front layer

These steps work for all types of bed. Depending on your bedroom and your style, you can create more interesting ideas to make your bed.

2. Brighten window coverings

If your bedroom has a window, take a look at it to see whether it matches with your staged bedroom. Remove window coverings in outdated colors and styles, or theme-based window and replace them with basic sheer curtain panels and simple blinds. Window coverings should complement the color palette and style of your bedroom. Remember to open the blinds and pull back the sheers so that you can brighten the room with natural light once the viewers come in.

3. Optimize the lighting

Optimize the lighting

Lighting is an essential part in staging a home in general and staging a bedroom in particular. It plays an important role in showing of the beauty of your bedroom as well as somehow sparkling the room. Making use of natural light from the window can be great. However, if your bedroom is out of luck, add some light fixtures on the wall or place a lamp on the bedside table. They don’t have to match but should be in the same design scheme.

4. Declutter the bedroom

Decluttering is considered the tough task when staging house. Especially, bedroom is usually the place where we keep all kinds of clutter.

Imagine you are a home buyer, Will you want to see a bedroom with load of clothes/shoes scattering on the floor or dirty cups of tea on the nightstand? Definitely, you will not want to throw a thousand dollar on a room like that.

So how to declutter the bedroom?

Let start with KonMari Method which is created by Marie Kondo – an author of “The Life – Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. She has very specific guidelines for how to properly fold clothes or store things. You can take a look at her Youtube channel or her blog to learn how to tidy up your bedroom to make it more spacous and appealing. Her approach to decluttering is tackling the stuff category-by-category rather than room-by-room. Thus, It might take you few days to category all the items, however, it will help you in the long run, especially when you need to move.

5. Depersonalize your bedroom

Depersonalize your bedroom

You are selling home, not selling your personal style. Therefore, depersonalizing your home is a must when you want to put your house on the market. Especially the bedroom where most of us consider as our small world.

Put a fresh coat of paint on the wall and ceiling to create a new look for your bedroom. A neutral, white, beige, gray, blue or soft green colors are suggested because they can appeal both sexes as well as create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for the room.

Put away your personal items such as family photos, certificates, awards, posters, picture or decorations and replace them with something more generic, like landscape or architecture images or flower vases on the nightstand to create an elegant feeling.

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