Staging the dining room asks for a lot of creativity, knowledge of interior design styles and expertise in detail decoration. You are a real estate agent or an individual selling your own house? You need help with how to stage a dining room? Qblends will introduce you the following fantastic ideas that capture the interest of the potential buyer.

Think in Colour

Colour is one of the most attention-capturing factors in the room. However, how bold should you go when it comes to the wall paint and the furniture pieces? The truth is, you can be as imaginative and exploring as you wish. Just keep in mind that while staging the dining room you should focus on the centrepiece, which is the dining table and the setting in which all colours come to tell a story.

It is best to go with a neutral colour on the walls to complement the rest of the house. However, you can experiment with bursts of colour with wall sconces, art pieces and accent lighting, or photo frames.
On the other hand, you can explore the whole colour spectrum with the dining table, the chairs and the decorative details on it. Candleholders, teapots on a tray or a vase with fresh flowers will steal the attention on the table. While the shape of the chairs will make the table look complete.

Be Honest with the Size

When it comes to size, make sure the staging of the dining room is done in scale. This means that you need to pay attention to the real size of the room and have a dining table and chairs with the appropriate size staged in the space. You can ask from your virtual stager to be extra careful when doing the proportions according to the surroundings in the space. Because you don’t want to trick the buyer into getting the wrong idea of how big the room is.

Choose Adjustable Lightening

The dining room can sometimes be the perfect spot for a romantic dinner. In such a case, the lovely couple would mind the bright lights and opt for a dimmed light that creates a lovely ambience. For that purpose, an adjustable light is needed in the room and what is a better way to show the ambience of the room than having several different virtually staged photos of the dining room in a different light setting. The shape of the fixtures will only complement the choice and create the whole experience.

Function over Looks VS Looks over Function

When it comes to the dining room, both qualities are tightly related. In order for the dining room to be functional, it must have a comfortable table and chairs. And since the dining tables’ primary function is to be a seating arrangement for people dining, the function is presumed a priority where looks don’t have to suffer.

How to stage a dining room is a question whose answer largely depends on your design and style preferences. Whichever design you choose, you should make sure that every decision you did for the room in a realistic way when it comes to size, condition and features.

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