Below Qblends will share with you these home staging tips to help your house to sell quick – even if you are on a staging budget.

How to stage a bedroom tips
  • Organize your closet by hanging clothes in groups and have them facing in the same direction.
  • One way to make a room feel more relaxing is to remove TV’s or any other entertainment items.
  • Replace old bedsheets with new, white textured linens.
  • Make a bedroom feel more inviting by making the bed and adding new pillows and throw pillows.
  • In smaller bedrooms, it’s hard not to have the bed pushed into the corner.
Bedroom virtual staging image
Bedroom virtual staging image
  • Consider pulling the bed away from the wall to help balance the room.
  • Bookshelves tend to collect more than just dust over the years. Clear out all bookshelves and built-ins.
  • Clean out and pack away half of the stuff in the closet. Homebuyers almost always look into the closets when looking at homes for sale.
  • When cleaning out the closet, replace any un-matching hangers so they all match.
  • Some homeowners have complete sports or princess themed bedrooms. It’s a good idea to transform these rooms into a more neutral bedroom.
  • When transforming a playroom over to a neutral bedroom. Clean up and store away most of the toys. This will help when its time for moving.
Tips for staging a bathroom
  • Put away toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and any other toiletry items.
  • Add new, white towels to the bathroom. Consider folding towels into thirds to take up less wall space.
  • Remove old, moldy caulk and apply new white caulking around the bathroom.
  • Hide or store away wastebaskets.
  • Add one new bottle of nice hand soap on the bathroom counter.
  • Roll small, light-colored hand towels and place in a basket on the counter.
Virtual staging Bathroom image
Virtual staging Bathroom image
  • Make sure you thoroughly clean around the bathroom. Including the bathtub and even behind the toilet.
  • Hang a new, white shower curtain or clean the old one to make it look new again!
  • This is a pet peeve for not only most real estate agents but for some homebuyers. Always keep the toilet seat/lid down.
  • Quiet doors will go un-noticed but a squeaky door will stand out to a homebuyer. Fix any squeaky doors throughout the home.
Preparing entryway before selling
  • Give the entrance of a home a new look by cleaning and painting the front door.
  • One creative way to add personality to the entrance of a home is by adding new attractive house numbers.
  • Pack away any shoes or coats that are usually kept at the front door.
  • Replace that old, worn-out Welcome mat with a new one.
  • Make sure all doors not only open and close easy but that they are also easy to lock and unlock as well.
Home staging image
Home staging tips
  • If you have pets or if you wear shoes in the house — chances are that your carpet may need to come extra attention. Give your carpet a deep cleaning.
  • When packing away items don’t just stick them in closets or in corners behind furniture. Get started early and be creative when decluttering your home.
  • Remove any signs of pets so it is not easily noticed by any visitors.
  • Sometimes homebuyers like to randomly check windows. Make sure all windows open and close easily.
  • When cleaning the house before a showing – make sure you clean and dust ceiling fans too.

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