Realtors and photographers usually choose to take real estate twilight photos to showcase the property lisiting. Do you know why? Because it is the powerful factor that can help you to access more homebuyers and make the sale happen easily. So shooting these twilight photos play an important role in the success of your marketing campaigns. Check out our tips to get the most of these pictures for your business in the future.


Real estate twilight Sunset photo with pool
Real estate twilight Sunset photo with pool

Great preparation for real estate Twilight shooting is half of success. So you should patiently wait for these fierce moments, which last only 20 mins.

  • First, prepare your property with a stunning outdoor garden by turning on the lighting bulk of the pool or doorway. And Clean up the gardening tools and decorate it with some furniture.
  • Highlight your property interior photos by taking photos with window. It may be a bedroom that can see your beautiful garden through the window.
  • Next, prepare well for your camera setting to get the best twilight photos with a suitable perspective. Scope out the area you want to shoot in and decide what compositions you’d like to snap, as well as which ones are most important and what shots are simply as time permits.
  • Last but not least, bear in mind to take advantage of the natural light to get natural photos.

Find the right exposure settings for your real estate twilight shooting.

 Outdoor Real estate twilight Sunset photo
Outdoor Real estate twilight Sunset photo
  • Choose to shoot with manual modes. So that you can change the inside settings by yourself. Also, turn on the live view mode to see the preview of the images first.
  • A tripod is the necessary thing to get the best result. Then set the ISO lower to avoid grain.
  • For twilight real estate photography, set the camera type to Shoot Raw.
  • Keep the suitable aperture between f/8 to f/11 to get enough light for your photos. The aperture is a lens of the camera that focuses on how much light will get into the camera. You can also use Aperture priority. Keep it as narrow as possible. It will help you to avoid micro shakes as well.
  • ISO is also important in this case. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light in digital devices. Lower ISO means low sensitivity to light and higher means high sensitivity to light. It is better to set ISO between 100 to 350. Still, you can adjust the setting according to your desire and environment.
  • Shutter Speed will also play a very important role in the beautiful exposure. If you choose A faster Shutter Speed, it will give you a small exposure. So with twilight photography, you should Slow down the shutter so that it will take some sharp twilight shots.

Wait for the right time

 Outdoor Real estate twilight Sunset photo
Outdoor Real estate twilight Sunset photo

Shooting the real estate twilight photos is the art of grabbing this fierce moment. Because after the sun sets, the quality of light changes very quickly. So you have to spend a lot of time waiting for these moments and shoot quickly. Right after the sun dips below the horizon, it will change from oranges and red sky into blues and purples. And it last around 20 to 25 minutes after the full sunset. So for each moment, you should try to take several to get the most out of its beautiful sky. But recommend shooting earlier with the orange light, when you can get enough natural light for the property, without using other flash equipment.

One of the tips we want to share with you is how to take advantage of the moonlight. You know that before the sun is setting, the moon can appear earlier. So besides choosing the right time for sunset, you can add the moon into your photos as a great way to enhance the photo. Because the light from the moon will alter the image’s overall light as well.

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