HDR or High Dynamic Range is one of favorite kinds of real estate photography. It can bring out the most beautiful feature of your photos. Like its name implies, the method aiming to add more dynamic range – the ratio of light/dark in a photograph. Out of everything that photographers take into consideration when going for a shoot, light is most important. You do not always have control over light unless you are in a studio. In most cases, photographers are required to work outdoors, with natural light. 

HDR real estate photo

By using HDR, you have chance to take different exposures. Afterward, you can merge those images into one through photo editing software, and you can get overall correct exposure. HDR allows you to adjust it the way you want and highlight the best parts of each photo. 

Outdoor landscape by HDR

HDR helps to maximize the dynamic range in a highly contrasted scene. It is often adapted for indoor shoots like property, furniture and outdoor shoots like landscape images. Since HDR brings you the freedom to adjust color and light, editors can be more creative with the photos and maybe create a masterpiece even with a simple scene. However, there is a delicate line between an excellent HDR image and one that is overdone. It takes a highly-skilled editor to transform them into a treasure. 

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