While stunning real estate photos are very popular in every websites, real estate video production seem to be a perfect way to attract more viewers for sellers and photographers. As a new content format – video real estate play an important role for proving its effectiveness through an overwhelming number of statistic.

If you’re finding a efficient way to create smart real estate video with excellent ideas, so today, Qblends will help.

Real Estate video production ideas
Real estate video editing

Video is proven to generate more leads for realtors. However, besides the traditional types of real estate video production – listing video – there are many types of video that can help realtors get more trust and reputation.

Listing Videos

Do you know that showcasing properties with flair is an effective way of getting the attention of leads? Listing video will bring viewers a realistic experience about the house with professional and well-sequenced footage. Showing off the properties in stylish fashion via video is an effective means of impressing buyers at the first sight.

Interview Videos

Word of mouth never fail to impress other customers. You can choose the talk to previous clients, prominent business owners, residents, etc. And remember to choose relevant and timely topics to attract more customers. In the meantime, interviewing professionals that work in other areas of real estate, like mortgage lenders, builders, and architects is not a bad idea.

Recap Videos

You can turn old content into several pieces of new content, helping you save time as well as allowing you to reach out to new audiences. If you have a blog, you can create video clips that rehash your blog content.
For example, you can create a post on the latest trends in home design. And video will bring you more viewers over your expectation. You can consider the latest design-related news, including visual examples to further explain.

Live Stream Q&A Videos

Live streaming has been a big hit among brokers and agents around the country, thanks to apps like Periscope. Share your knowledge via a real time Q&A session. Not only does it allow you to reach out to your audience, it also lets you position yourself as an expert on the real estate topic at hand. You can have guests send in their questions through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, then you can answer them in real time for maximum engagement.

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